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Hello Techies,

This Tutorial is exclusive for the people who are interested in making their foot prints in one of the top niche, trending technology in IT world. The content posted here are suitable for all learning professionals, Students, Teacher,  Freshers etc. Here, we talk about BigData analytics, Spark with Python (PySpark), Machine Learning concepts and techniques, Natural Language Processing, and Data Visualization tools.


Technology wise no additional programming skills are required. If you have some basic knowledge on python it's well and good for you to understand the topics and hands-on easily. I would recommend you guys to work out every problem that we discuss here in this tutorial to get real flavor and master yourself in top niche skills.

System Required:

As I told you, hands-on will be the real key to success. We need below configurations to start with PySpark and ML

  • Windows 8 or above operating system (16 gb RAM can serve the task better).
  • Anaconda - Mainly we use Jupyter Notebook
Please go through article on the Set up steps to install Spark in your machine. Other Software's and Python package necessary for our learning will be suggested on the fly.

Let's get started....

Happy Learning !!!

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  1. I feel good when i saw your youtube channel and currently i am doing as a Python automation engineer but keen interest to do BigData but i knew python only and i wanted to 3 real time projects on ML, Pyspark and both. Can i have your contact and what i do to approach you. would you please suggest me, if possible from your end anput those projects.